Diana Eisley & The Handyman


Swimsuit woman Diana Eisley (who got here highly as regards to profitable SCORELAND New-comer of the Yr 2020), is basking her stellar figure within the solar in her yard. It is a scorching day and going to get sexier. What sort of stud may stand against this stellar tiny honey? Adolescent’s 100% gf subject matter. Handyman Sean saunters over on the lookout for one thing to do across the mansion. Adolescent’ll give him one thing to do, one thing studs wish of doing. He’s going to be flashing Diana simply how hands-on he keester get.

Nowadays is his successful day as a result of he has been selected to obtain the glory of having to grasp Diana enormously smartly, an honor we consider many studs would lie, cheat and thieve to get. Adolescent asks him to position lubricant on her sugary figure, the very first of the numerous advantages he will obtain. He busts and is helping Diana fumble the lubricant on her large, youthfull, congenital, pale-white breasts. It takes a bunch of lubricant to anoint the ones delicate, appetizing orbs. Diana bowls her dual wonders for extra lubricant, so Sean stands as much as sodden her.

Diana takes Sean’s pipe out of his cut-offs and indeed does a bunch on it, draining and blowing it and frolicking together with his sack of babymakers. It is a great concept to head inwards the mansion to a bed room and escalate their joy and fuckfest video games there.

Diana will get on her knees, resting her 32J-cup tits on Sean’s hip, and provides him an award-winning fellate task, ball-sucking and tit-fuck. Adolescent lightly wraps her supple tits round his pink cigar. Diana is indeed mighty and studious in terms of providing head. “I love a large chisel,” Diana stated. “I’m a measurement goddess. I choose large weenies. However I might be brilliantly glad with a stud who is 8 inches or so.”

Diana will get on her palms and knees, well-prepped to get romped from derrière very first. As they budge from posture to posture, Diana’s large breasts jiggle and shake and her tongue lolls out of her jaws. Adolescent pins her puffies and squashes her breasts as her fur covered cunt is plumbed. Diana Eisley: 100% gf subject matter, a congenital dream-girl-next door.

Date: December 15, 2021