If you find yourself an XL Dude, you wouldn’t have to consult with The Louvre to soak up old school artistic endeavors. We carry them to you on a daily basis. Take Emilia Boshe, for example. Until you might be successful sufficient to fulfill her in individual, the place else will you ever watch a woman with 38HH naturals like her? XL Chicks are treasures to the arena and the Brotherhood learned this reality lengthy in the past.

JigglyBoobGuy summed up our emotions purrfectly: “I enjoy labia up to the following guy…however I clearly LOOOVE humungous, giant, utter cupcakes MORE than the following guy. As a result of I might relatively hammer my meat to her jiggling the ones impressive cupcakes than when teen is frigging herself.”

And he is completely proper. 50% of the arena’s inhabitants has a labia, however we’d bet that lower than 1% of the inhabitants has cupcakes that cause them to worthy of showing up in XL Chicks. This is elite territory. Territory the place handiest Mom Nature’s hottest artistic endeavors are demonstrated for the delectation of the arena’s bap connoisseurs.

Date: March 5, 2023