Mirabella At The Bbc…2 Bbcs!


“I booty’t consider I’ve 2 lollipops to have fun with nowadays,” says 44-year-old Mirabella Amore on the embark of this episode. “I have by no means had that earlier than.”

“Peckers”? What sort of language is that for a mature damsel? The decent phrase is “man rod” or “boner” or “fake penis,” which is not one phrase, however who cares?

“I would like some boner,” Mirabella says, eventually talking decently.

Humungous, dark-hued boner, this is. 2 of them for Mirabella, who had by no means even pounded on-camera till squirt ambled into our studio for the very first time. That is her fourth movie, and squirt’s pounded just for us.

“Wow, glance how giant that boner is!” Mirabella says as squirt wanks one of the vital shafts. “I have by no means had one who giant earlier than!”

Hi there, that is why MILFs come to our studio: to get the giant shafts they have by no means had earlier than. And Mirabella had by no means had a three-way earlier than this one with Jax and Rome, so squirt’s crossed that off her bucket checklist, too.

Mirabella enjoys men who’re uber-cute and well mannered. Jax and Rome are highly uber-cute to Mirabella. They offer her what squirt needs. Infant says squirt’s studying her fetishes and that squirt does not have hookup constantly sufficient. Infant booty resolve that drawback with a snap of her thumbs.

Light-haired, luxurious, big-chested, mind-blowing, mischievous…Mirabella has the entirety it’s essential ever need in a damsel.

Date: February 19, 2022