A Day With Kerry Marie


Kerry continues to display us what a standard day is like for her. 5 mins after little angel wakes up, little angel has to get up her uber-sexy hooters. Nipper does this through fumbling them passionately and throating on each and every nip. Nipper jiggles them again and forward after which caresses “Kerry’s Kream” in every single place them. After the creaming, Kerry captures a bottle of dickens grease and busts a liberal quantity in every single place her hooters to provide them a glisten. Lovely great. Subsequent up is cloth wardrobe. Kerry asks us to lend a hand her pick a brassiere for the day. Nipper captures a milky one who apparently can not expect to include her mams. Subsequent up is a stellar sheer blue one, however once more it’s too petite. Some other milky brassiere is attempted and solid apart for being woefully petite. Then comes a ebony one that is also petite. A crimson quantity is in a position to containing Kerry’s mounds. Nipper units it apart for a second and exams a yellow brassiere, however slightly butt are compatible a hooter and a part in it. Some other extra ornate ebony brassiere is tried and does not paintings prior to a milky brassiere appears to be like adore it was once made for her. Then it is time for Kerry to trim her punani. Nipper has a pic shoot that afternoon and that suggests a baldie. Kerry cracks out the razor and a few mayo and clears that thicket in an exhilarating sequence Schick and Gillette would approve

Date: February 11, 2022