Swimsuit Delectation

Venera was once born to put on bathing suits and put on them in a sunny, super-fucking-hot, obese local weather. Since fresh rules restrict foreign-born fashions from posing within the U.S., Venera traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica all-expenses paid to position for SCORE. Venera starts the joy via presenting herself at poolside on a vivid, sunny day. Newborn wears a milky, extraordinary swimsuit studded with rows of rosy thingies and steamy rosy top high-heeled shoes. Pinkish is Venera’s fave colour. Her dimensions are extraordinaire. What’s the sound of 2 fun bags clapping? The blond sweetheart jiggles them frantically over the digicam, making that acquainted spanking sound of massive breastflesh spanking in combination, till one spunks out of its swimsuit most sensible. Venera flips and demonstrates her donk, her “taut donk,” her “lil’, insane donk,” says Venera with a glad grin and a horny glint in her eyes, slapping it for emphasis. Venera whips out her funbags from their swimsuit jail and continues to sway them back and forth. Being face-pummeled and motorboated via the ones extraordinaire funbags is among the worthiest targets a boob-man may try for. And that is simplest the embarking of Venera’s movie Swimsuit Paradise. Venera herself says on this movie that tadpole luvs the sounds of spanking bra-stuffers. Newborn’s a lippy gal and her English is fine. Her killer converse makes her jug and twat have fun even hotter.